EcoFuture is an Australian company, committed to helping make it easier for organisations, businesses and consumers to make environmentally conscious buying decisions. 

At EcoFuture, we believe that together we can create a smarter, healthier and more sustainable future; by choosing cutting edge green alternatives for all our purchases, by selecting products and services that carry recognised certifications, and most importantly, when we find a great, green product or service, by spreading the word. The time has come to transition into our eco future.

For commercial customers, we research, develop and design high quality, value added, niche market and proprietary products that provide innovative solutions for your specific chemistry needs. With a bank of 250+ formulations to draw from - we look forward to assisting you.

For individual customers, we offer a range of cutting edge, nutraceutical grade, certified green and organic products, designed to help safeguard your health

What are nutraceuticals?
A nutraceutical is any substance that is a food or a part of a food and provides medical or health benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease.

Cutting-edge UV technology

Available 2015 - BioDfence Ultraviolet Virucidal range

UV rangeTheta2


  • Airport lounges, cafeterias, toilets
  • Laboratories, pathology labs, kidney dialysis labs
  • Hospital waiting areas, maternity wards
  • Clinics, Urgent Care, med-merge, paediatrics waiting rooms
  • Operating rooms, burn centres
  • Labour and delivery areas
  • Homeless shelters, kennels
  • Prisons and jails, detention centres
  • Nursing homes assisted living gathering spaces
  • Dairy and food processing facilities
  • Universities, schools, daycare centres,
  • Conference rooms


UVGI’s efficacy has been checked by Health Protection Agency. The HPA reported that in 5 minutes 98% of airborne pathogens were destroyed and in 60 minutes up to 59% of surface pathogens were destroyed.

UVGIS Customers

Dealers have sold UVGIS into some really amazing places


Basel Airport

After an 18 month trial and development process, Basel Airport has chosen UVGI to create an infection and odour free environment. Basel Airport is located some 3.7 miles/7 km northwest of Basel city centre. Although the airport actually sits on French territory, it is jointly operated by Switzerland and France. As the area is a popular destination for both tourists and business travellers alike, in 2013, the airport was used by 5 million passengers.

UV Dealers

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